Lista Definitiva de Conectores para tu Redacción en Inglés

Jorge Luis Vargas

Como su nombre lo indica, los "connectors", "linking words", o "transition terms" son palabras que sirven para conectar ideas dentro de un texo.

Vamos a recabar todos los conectores que podamos en esta lista maestra. Vamos allá.



No son exactamente adverbios, preposiciones, adjetivos, o verbos. Son más bien una combinación de éstos.

Lo que sí los puede definir es su función, la cual es conectar ideas dentro de nuestro texto. Hacer que la lectura fluya perfectamente de principio a fin.

Esto es ya que ayudan a dejar en claro las relaciones que hay: 1. entre frases, 2. entre oraciones, y 3. entre párrafos. Llevan al lector de un lado a otro sin inconsistencias ni imprevistos.

En resumen, mejoran la cohesión y coherencia de nuestros textos.

Son esenciales para quien quiera construir argumentos convincentes, presentar ideas innovadoras, o contar historias atrapantes.

Pues bueno, al ser humano le encantan las listas y las clasificaciones. Así que no esperemos más.

Los conectores están ordenados de acuerdo a la función que mejor pudimos definir (aceptamos sugerencias), y los ejemplos son de Linguee.

Para añadir a la idea anterior

additionally "Additionally, it provides technical and financial support to companies interested in introducing cleaner production into their operations."
also "He emphasized that accountability is not only about supply but also about demand."
and "The population stands at around 100 million and it has a growth rate of 1%."
as well as "Assistance should also be extended in mine-clearing operations as well as in the rehabilitation of victims in the affected countries."
besides "And besides, once they became members, they would get a monthly newsletter to inform them about all the other issues."
further "Further, we have built in technological and process safeguards designed to prevent the unauthorized correlation of this data."
furthermore "Furthermore, there have been reports of checkpoints being reestablished by freelance militias in the capital city and elsewhere in Somalia."
in addition "In addition, we know that the costs of freight transport far exceed those of just constructing and repairing roads."
in addition to "In addition to inadequate equipment and technology, those countries increasingly had to deal with environmental challenges."
moreover "Moreover, technological improvements and new risks could be addressed swiftly."
plus "Plus they're easy to print on and provide outstanding strength and dimensional stability."

Para añadir a la idea anterior con énfasis

adverbio enough "Amazingly enough, for all the issues that they brought up, they saw that the best way of getting a solution was at a European [...]"
(and) as if that wasn't enough "And as if that wasn't enough, more bugs are lurking in our brains, ready to mess about with our thought processes."
(and) to boot "Human rights are only tools - and flawed tools to boot - and do not always work."
(and) to top it off "To top it off, Selena Gomez will give away a personal playlist with the perfect songs for your celebration as well as an [...]"
(and) to top it all off "And to top it all off: the event features musical director Hal Willner, a guarantee of excellence."
even more so "It is evident that procurement rules - and, even more so, procurement practices - should be reviewed."
even more adjetivo "The other fact, even more striking, is the difference in the rates of infection."
if all that wasn't enough "If all that wasn't enough, your tongue even helps keep you from getting sick."
not only... but also "That is not only a laborintensive procedure, but also calls for great flexibility in repro houses."
not only... but... as well "This had an impact not only on resources, but on institutionalizing the modality as well."
not to mention "There are sizeable pasture areas with herds of cattle and goats, not to mention other livestock such as swine and birds."
on top of "On top of the challenges of building a federal framework from the bottom up, the government has to also deal with the more [...]"
on top of this/that "On top of that, the insatiable and greedy foreign pharmaceutical corporations are consuming more than half of my country's health budget."
on top of all this/that "On top of all this, nurses are constantly criticized and picked on."
topped off by "European economic integration, topped off by the introduction of the euro, demands a fresh take on the need for a Community approach in this matter."
to say nothing of "And that is to say nothing of the challenges posed by climate change, which could be addressed more effectively."
what’s more "What is more, many of them backed the subjugation of the working class in name of "the interests of Europe"."

Para comenzar

first "First the outlines of each figure were embroidered in what was to be the background colour."
firstly "Firstly, Vietnamese economic development has been strong for nearly two decades, and the country has been highly successful in reducing poverty."
first of all "First of all, computers have become a crucial tool in transmitting ideas, thoughts and knowledge."
first and foremost "Algeria is seeking, first and foremost, to make it up with its supporters who are angry with the Fennecs, who have not won away for almost a year."
the first... "The first part focused above all on genetics, and more specifically on DNA and its structure."
in the first place "In the first place, despite being formally considered a lower middle-income country, the figures conceal deep social inequalities."
in the first... "In the first stage, without any specific time limit, the articles should be tested and given the opportunity to gain universal recognition."
for starters "For starters, the drug war will be long and bloody and in all likelihood it will still be fought long after he leaves office at the end of 2012."
to start (with) "To begin with, both sides must immediately refrain from any unilateral act that may cause the conflict to escalate further."
...shall begin with "I shall start with a few words on the Community support plan to combat doping in sport."
...shall start by... "I shall begin by underlining how much has already been achieved: it must be said that the glass is more than half full."
...would like to start by... "I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude for the briefing that the Council received earlier."
...would like to start with... "I would like to begin with a special recognition to our staff for their excellent performance and professionalism during this time."
...will begin with... "This section will start with the current status of early warning thinking."
...will begin by... "I will start by thanking all those colleagues involved in the process and certainly those in the secretariat who did a wonderful job."
before... start(s) "Before I begin, I would like to say a few words on behalf of breeders - those who create innovations in the plant world: [...]"

Para seguir un orden de ideas

(and) second "First, the most important objective is the protection of people"s health, and second, all action must be based on the best possible scientific evidence."
(and) secondly "Secondly, the relatively great travel distance between the Caribbean and Chile may have served as an obstacle."
the second... "The second influence is the recognition that knowledge is a key driver for social and economic transformation."
in second place "In second place is a subject that concerns me greatly and is very well expressed both in the Bullmann report and my own: employment."
in the second... "In the second phase of its history from around 1900 to 1925, the company moved solidly into the automotive technology sector."
second of all "Second of all, in some countries there are still serious cases of threats, persecution, trials, incarceration and even assassination [...]"
(and) thirdly "Thirdly, faced with the massive Chavist campaign and the mobilisation of a united opposition, it is striking that 33 percent of voters abstained."
in a third... "In a third study group, 75 men and women were randomly assigned to one of four groups."

Para terminar

the last... "The last point which I would like to make concerns agriculture."
last but not least "Last, but not least, we are creating electricity from resources that would otherwise be considered waste and discarded."
lastly "Lastly, the usefulness of electric vehicles depends on town planning and the number of kilometres travelled."
last of all "Last of all, it is important to mention the concern existing in Colombia about HIV/AIDS has led to the design of a special [...]"
to close "To close, I would just like to make reference, in this connection, to the disadvantages of delivering aid via international channels."
as... draw to a close "As I draw to a close, I would like to mention another consideration that has had some input into the amendments, that being [...]"
...would like to close with "I would like to close with a procedural motion."
...would like to close by... "I would like to close this letter by expressing my thanks to our team, clients, suppliers, institutions and shareholders [...]"
before... close(s) "Before I close, let me share with you a project from my home country, Sri Lanka, a story of raising Rotary awareness and Rotary's brand equity."
in closing "In closing let me say that the peace process is - as we all know - at a very critical juncture."
...end with "Let me end with a few words about the principal organs of the United Nations."
to wind up "To wind up this interview, could you share with us your personal feeling about this encounter?"
(...) to finish off "To finish off, the interviewee tells us about the quality leap that Exacta Optech is about to make: "Towards the middle [...]"
the final... "The final stage is to develop a robust system of regulation which can enforce the rules."
finally "Finally, there should be awareness of a growing dependence on gas due to the increase in the number of combined cycle power plants."

Para comparaciones equivalentes

along the same lines "Along the same lines, there is also a need to consider the legitimacy of nuclear weapons and their role in military doctrines."
by the same token "By the same token, the effective integration of the developing economies makes them a more credible partner for the developed countries."
equally "Equally, a substance not satisfying the criteria for classification as dangerous could nevertheless present long term systemic hazards to human health."
for the same reason "For the same reason, even a problematic birth can mean a death sentence."
in the same fashion "In the same fashion, we do not agree with the artificial division between tangible and intangible components of genetic resources."
in the same manner "In the same manner, the various mechanisms such as emissions certificates or energy saving programmes must be assessed based [...]"
in the same way "In the same way, cultural rights have been the neglected dimension of human rights."
(just) as in (the) "In education, as in the other spheres of our life, the means cannot be qualitatively different from the desired ends."
likewise "Likewise, if you delete items from your library, those items will also be deleted from your device the next time you connect it to your computer."
so too (is/does) "In this case, although the total amount of data is greater, so too is the risk of recording a species as being present in [...] "

La formalidad de todas estas palabras varía. Algunas son más casuales, y otras son más... “avanzadas”. Elige el conector adecuado dependiendo del texto que estés redactando y tus posibles lectores.

Puede que se trate de un artículo, una propuesta, una tesis, un ensayo, un reporte, una carta, un correo, o un tweet. Evalúa qué tan adecuada es cada palabra.

Pero cuidado, no detengas tu proceso de redacción tratando de encontrar el conector perfecto. Sólo elige uno y sigue escribiendo. Puedes editar el texto después.

Recuerda no abusar de alguno de estos conectores en particular. A lo que me refiero es que, así como en español es cansado leer “sin embargo” una y otra vez dentro un texto, en inglés ocurre lo mismo.

Usa esta lista para ampliar tu repertorio de palabras y sé diverso al usarlas. Al no repetir tanto las mismas palabras, la lectura será más fluida.

Comentarios finales

Comparte esta entrada con esa persona a la que le cuesta escribir en inglés. Si esa persona eres tú, mejor guarda esta página en favoritos, en tus marcadores, en tus notas, o donde sea que te organices. ¡Vale mucho la pena!

Esta lista es un trabajo en proceso. Estaremos añadiendo material constantemente, así que vuelve pronto.

Eso es todo, ¡gracias por leer!


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